Some More of My Writing Issues

I have been working really hard on the writing I plan to post here in the coming days (Ep. 1 of The Espionage Diaries is topping 3,000 words now), and as I revise, then go read work by other authors, come back and revise more, etc…I have felt that my fiction writing is off somehow.  It doesn’t flow like that of many other authors, and I find it frustrating.  The hardest thing to define has been why this would be the case, but I think I have discovered two tendencies I have that may be contributing to the issue:

1) I have a habit of writing long sentences.  It seems like I am trying to either have too much happen too quickly, or somewhere in my mind everything needs a little more descriptive verbiage.  I don’t really just make simple, straightforward statements.  I don’t know what started it, but now that I am aware, it had become a major part of my revision process.

2) I tend to say things more than once using different words.  I also do this when I talk, so it is not a major revelation.  Now that I see it reflecting in my writing, I have been keeping a careful eye out for it and nipping it in the bud.

It’s things like these that leave me a little let down in my writing ability, but I remind myself that learning is why I started this blog.

Do you guys have any issues with your writing that drive you this nuts?


3 thoughts on “Some More of My Writing Issues

  1. Shintake: It is difficult to compare your writing with other writers. With different minds and the use of different words, we should not be the same. Even if you do not have confidence in your writing consider yourself still in the learning phase and you must write as much as possible just like you are exercising a muscle.

    If you write 100 pages and never use it… the pages are still worth much more as an exercise and a chance to develop your style than it is an actual finished work. You can only grow by writing and reading. Try not to judge your own writing so harshly since it is still your words… still your thoughts.

    Just like learning your first side-kick… you must practice the words over and over. While revising is not a bad thing, try writing 1000 new words a day about anything at all. Learn the way you want to write and the way you want to express yourself. Learn to condense the important issues and leave out anything that does not build to the story, advance the plot or builds a character. It takes time and patience.

    Writing is a learned skill… and we must always continue to learn and grow.

    Keep writing. Don’t judge yourself and remember you started writing because you enjoy it. Remember this…

    • I’m not really putting it to myself, so to speak, I am more or less sharing what I manage to learn. For a while I was keeping an audio journal, but once my time freed up, I decided to start this so I can get some public opinion. Nobody that I don’t actually know has offered anything in the way of an actual critique, but I’m sure it will happen in time. 😉

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