Welcome to The Readery!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog dedicated to the written word!  My goal here is to share my writing with the world, for better or for worse.  What you can expect in the coming days will be any-and-everything that rolls through my mind in terms of writing, from game and movie reviews, to short stories and fan fiction.  I have no real ambition, here, I just like to tell stories and thought it might be fun to share them and find out what people think.

I do need to disclaim something, however: I am also doing this to learn, so if anything seems ‘off’ I would encourage any and all that take the time to read to also take the time to comment!  I am more than open to criticism, and as a budding author, I think it would be fun to hear firsthand how effective (or ineffective) the language is, whether a story is interesting or not , and so on.  The kid gloves are hereby off, so feel free to be as critical as you feel necessary, and let’s please keep this civil (not to mention PG-13).

Thanks again for visiting, and as always, thank you for reading!


One thought on “Welcome to The Readery!

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