World of Warcraft: “Fudoshin”

The bamboo whistled as it passed  swiftly in front of Miridan’s face, a blow that would have broken his nose had it even grazed him.  He continued his backward momentum, turning head over heels and landing smoothly on the balls of his feet to immediately come up ready.  He realized suddenly that the pandaren had pursued, and the monk led the way into Miridan’s personal space with a long stride that actually turned into a powerful kick somewhere along the way.

The night elf twisted to block the round kick, taking the brunt on the outer portion of his upper arm.  The limb bore the shock with no grace, and bolts of pain shot like strands of a spider web all through its muscles.  He was able to maintain the grasp on his left-hand dagger, but he could not feel his fingers other than knowing they were wrapped around the handle.  He intercepted the following top-down swipe of the bamboo staff with the dagger in his right, and was able to keep the attack far enough away to step aside the next horizontal one.

The bear was relentless, he had to give him that.  When Miridan had laid down the challenge he never expected this to be easy, but apparently he’d not credited the other nearly enough.  The techniques were different than anything he had ever been faced with, and the panda was both strong and agile, the latter of which belied by the mass of his belly.  Of course, he too was a member of a larger race that was known for its grace,  but the pandaren monks seemed capable of nearly heroic feats of agility in battle despite a build that he could only describe as plump.

A series of pokes and swipes came in rapid succession, and Miridan dodged, parried, or blocked each of them.  He was trying to allow his arm some recovery time, but the Continue reading