Diablo III Review

Diablo III is the latest iteration of games by Blizzard Entertainment-who am I kidding?  If you have been a gamer for more than fifteen minutes, chances are you not only know what Diablo is, you have likely already spent countless hours banging away at your mouse as you slay hordes of demons coming from every direction.  If not, well, let me finish the first thought by saying that Diablo is one of the most popular game franchises ever, and the third game in the series was release on May 15th.  Let me help you out from under that rock.

This newest installment of the series does little to change the overall direction of the game.  There are some recurring characters, but the most consistent of these remains the game’s main antagonist: the Lord of Terror, Diablo.  As per the usual formula, players choose between a series of classes, this time either a male or female version of the Barbarian, Wizard, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, or Monk.  After a short character creation (literally composed of choosing class, sex, and then a name), the player is thrown directly into gameplay. Continue reading